Investment Management

In today’s market there are a plethora of different investments, strategies, and model portfolios to choose from. Determining which one is right for you without expert guidance can be a daunting challenge. Even if you find one that makes sense now, knowing whether it is the right portfolio for your long term financial picture is difficult.

We use a disciplined approach driven by science and research, and develop strategies not only to build long term wealth, but to specifically take care of the needs you have now as well. By determining what your portfolio needs to accomplish through our comprehensive planning process, we can tailor our investment selections and our management to those goals. These include both short and long term, not just one or the other.

We also constantly review your investments in respect to your plan and ensure that your portfolio is always working positively toward the same goals. Changing investments, rebalancing, and tax loss harvesting are integral parts of true investment management, but we will not make changes just to make changes. When we pick a security for our clients, there is a reason behind that choice, and we stand behind those choices. During client reviews we proactively discuss each portfolio and, if there are changes to be made, you will know why and what we plan to do.