Our Planning Process

Our comprehensive planning process focuses on five specific areas, each complementary to one another, and each important in developing and implementing your overall plan.

Lifetime Cash Flow

It is more than just what comes in and what goes out, it is about the most effective and efficient way to do both. Our interactive cash flow planning allows you to see in real time how different variables affect your plan. We use industry leading technology to create a tangible visual representation of each client’s personal situation, but the real value comes from the discussion during that process.


When it comes to investments, education on what you hold and why is just as important as saving the money in the first place. We ensure that our clients know what they hold, what is does for them, and why we feel it is the best choice. We use historical data, current research, and a host of investment research to build and manage our portfolios for each client.


With the ever changing tax climate, having an advisor that understands current tax laws and how they affect you is of paramount importance. With an enrolled agent on staff preparing client returns, each clients’ tax situation is thoroughly examined and those observations are added directly into any planning that we do.


As a Fee-Only firm, we do not sell insurance, or any other product, but we are experts in insurance analysis. If insurance of any kind is needed, we are happy to refer our clients to a number of independent fiduciary based agents, or if you are happy with your current agent, we can work with them on getting the insurance you need. If you need it, you need it – we do not care where you get it.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your family is taken care of after you are gone is a primary concern for all of us. The loss of a spouse, parent, or child is an emotionally devastating time, so ensuring your money and your assets go where they are needed is a necessity. We will review any existing planning that has been done, offer suggestions and recommendations based on the types of assets and accounts each client owns, and, if needed, refer to local attorneys that can draft or change estate planning documents. While not everyone needs a complete estate planning review, education about protecting your assets is another major component of a true comprehensive plan.